Stay In Shape During Your Galveston Vacation

Everyone loves vacation, right? Getting away from your normal habits and off your hectic schedule gives you the freedom to laze about in the sun, float along the water, catch up on your reading…and enjoy vast horizons of local culinary options that include fried-and-maybe-stuffed-with-cheese-and-wrapped-in-bacon-if-you’re-lucky Gulf seafood.

Then, it’s time to check out, go home, and begin the difficult return to reality. It’s hard enough to say goodbye to vacation…no one wants to say hello to a few extra pounds at the same time!

Fear not! We have 10 great tips for staying in shape during your Galveston Island vacation that will still let you feel like you’re on vacation!

#1 – Morning Jog on the Beach
There is nothing more motivating than watching the sunrise over the Gulf and listening to the peaceful sounds of the waves washing ashore.  (Trust us, we’ve started many a Monday morning with this trick!) Start the day with your running shoes and then unashamedly trade them in for flip flops til it’s time to head to bed!

galveston island surrey bike rental

#2 – Take a Bike Ride
Riding a bike may seem simple when compared to your typical workout routine, but it’s a great activity for all ages and there’s some great local bike rental locations. Tour & exercise in one!

#3 – Swim a Few Laps
We all love floating in the ocean while the kids doggy paddle around, but next time you hit the water, try actively swimming before settling in to relax. It’s a great full body workout!

#4 – Go Surfing
This is an amazing full body workout and also lots of fun. If you don’t know how, try a surfing camp. Try it with your kids for a Galveston Island vacation to remember!

stand up paddle boarding surfing on galveston beach

#5 – Paddle Board
SUPs (stand up paddleboards) have been gaining in popularity in the recent years, and SUP Gulf Coast has guided tours and rental options. This full body workout is low impact and perfect for nature-lovers.

#6 – Kayak
Whether you choose to kayak along the Gulf shoreline or in the bay or wetlands, it’s sure to be a fun and relaxing way to keep in shape on your Galveston Island vacation! Galveston Island State Park has a paddling trail, or book an eco-art paddling adventure with Artist Boat.

#7 – Beach Yoga
Looking to relax and get centered? Grab your mat and head onto the sand for some beachfront yoga! Need some guidance? The Yoga Haven offers sunrise yoga on the beach each Saturday morning.

#8 – Excursion
Plan an excursion! There’s some great tours to choose from: beach & bay explorations at the state park, the tree sculpture walking tour or a spooky cemetery tour are all great ways to stretch your legs and stay fit.

#9 – Throw a Frisbee
An oldie-but-goodie, throwing a frisbee is fun in- or out-of the water! Best yet, we have some great dog parks (Menard Park & Lindale Park) that would love to host your furry family members during a game too!

#10 – Portion Sizes
There’s no shame in indulging in vacation food – fried seafood, ice cream cones & other family favorite recipes – but it can be easy to over-do it! Keep cool, hydrating veggies & fruits or heart-healthy nuts on hand for snacks and, when you do go out to enjoy some local cuisine, don’t be afraid to ask for to-go containers! (Not having to battle with mini-fridges is a perk of staying in a beach house!)

We’d love to hear YOUR tips for staying fit on vacation – leave us a comment below!

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