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Memorial Day on Galveston Island

american flag memorial day galveston beach

Thank you to all the brave men & women and their families who have served our armed forces!  As we spend time with friends and family on Galveston Island this Memorial Day Weekend we hope each and every person takes a moment to remember the sacrifices that have been made.

Galveston Island FeatherFest and Nature PhotoFest

photo of pelican on post taken at featherfest in galveston island

This weather is for the birds!  Well, maybe not even them…these thunderstorms probably have them tucked into their nests for the day. Hopefully, some sunny weather will be winging its way to us for this weekend’s FeatherFest and Nature PhotoFest!  (In case you haven’t already gathered, we’re feathering our post with as many terrible bird puns as possible. “Cheep” laughs, that’s us! :D).

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Galveston Island Museums

Feeling a little waterlogged (or sunburned) already this Spring Break? Don’t miss these one-of-a-kind local museums during your Galveston Island vacation!

lonestar flight museum aviation galveston island

The Lone Star Flight Museum has a unique collection of “flying collection of historic aircraft and period artifacts provide a unique perspective of the technological development of the aviation industry while serving as a tribute to those who bravely served our country.” Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., daily.

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Leap Into Galveston!

dolphins leaping galveston dolphin tours

So, it’s a Leap Year, and Monday is like a bonus day (on a side note, who opted for an extra MONDAY??! – but we digress). We can’t think of many places better to spend this “extra” day than here on our own little slice of the island paradise!

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Winter on Galveston Island

sand snowman winter on galveston island

Are we right?!?  As “Snowmageddon” is getting ready to turn the East Coast into a big pile of snow, we can’t help but rejoice as we grab our pullover, throw on our flip flops (because, seriously, they are an all-year wardrobe piece – no matter what our mother says) and be SO happy we get to call this Gulf Coast island home!

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