Pet Friendly Guide to Galveston

Read on for the inside scoop on the best places to bring Fido, how to beach like a pro with your pup, and what your canine companion shouldn’t miss on your Galveston beach vacation!

Beach Trip Tips

What do you need to bring to the beach for your pet? Your furry friend needs plenty of fresh water, a shady spot to relax and pet friendly sun screen on those delicate noses & thinly-furred areas!

The American Kennel Club has lots of good tips about sunscreen for your pup. Be an informed pet parent – be sure to avoid zinc oxide-based sunscreens (zinc is harmful if ingested). Look for varieties meant for human babies or sensitive skin. Better yet – ask your vet if they carry any in their office!

Find more tips for keeping your dog’s tail wagging during your beach trip here.

Local Leash Laws

Keep yourself and your VIP (very important pet) out of the dog house and on the right side of the law!

City ordinance requires dogs to be leashed at all times – including on the beach. This also lets you (attempt) to keep them out of the surf, and prevents them from bothering nesting shore birds or knocking over sandcastles during their beach stroll!

Dolphins & Doggos

Nothing makes us happier than watching a good case of the zoomies – on land or at sea!

Baywatch Dolphin Tours welcomes pups & their people on 45 minute guided tours of Galveston. Their covered jet drive boats (no propellers = happy sea life) depart from Pier 21. Pups ride free!

Footloose & Free Galveston Dog Park

Lindale Park at Fourth Street & Marine Drive has a great dog park that offers a chance for your pup to mingle and run to their heart’s content!

This off-leash Galveston dog park boasts a fenced green area with benches, water stations, and a small dog section. It also has a dog agility course, thanks to the efforts of a local Eagle Scout and Better Parks for Galveston.

Doggy Dining on Galveston Island

There’s a whole pack of pet friendly Galveston restaurants happy to feed you & your pup while you’re out & about on the Island! Our favorites include:

  • Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar (Postoffice Street)
  • MOD Coffeehouse (Postoffice Street)
  • Shrimp N Stuff (Avenue O location)
  • Sunflower Bakery & Cafe (14th Street)
  • Sand Bar at West End Restaurant (West End)

Enjoy dining al fresco on their patios and have a delicious meal with your whole family! (Call ahead to verify current hours & policies.)

Tasty Treats

With all of the delicious Galveston restaurants that you have to choose from, it’s only fair that your pup gets to partake in some special dog treats too!

Pattycakes Bakery offers fresh baked goods daily – including dog treats! Stop by early for the best selection at this local Galveston Island favorite.

Want a cool treat? Check out the homemade ice cream at Hey Mikey’s Ice Cream. Flavors change daily. (#localtip – Run, don’t walk, to taste their Ultimate Nacho specialty sundae!)

Local Galveston Vets

You never know what will happen with your favorite canine! Just in case:

Get away & play in Galveston

Don’t be part of the 39% of people who have skipped vacations to stay home with their dog – book a pet friendly beach house!

Staying at a pet friendly beach house lets your pup’s nose get a full workout from the safety & serenity of the deck or fenced yard…and island sunbeams are the perfect place for a quick snooze before getting up and doing it all over again!

There’s something for everyone here on pet friendly Galveston Island. We hope to see you & your pup racing the waves soon!

Pet Friendly Galveston Island

Dog Puppy Pet with a Beach View - Dog Friendly Galveston IslandSo, you’re planning your Galveston Island vacation, scrolling through options on your tablet…and you find it! The perfect beach house for your summer escape!

You check the bedrooms – yes! teens in a loft for the win! – then glance over to show it to your partner and, it happens. You catch the eye of your loyal canine companion. (The one you slip pieces of bacon to when no one’s watching.) Aaaand, there it is- those killer puppy dog eyes! The ones that say “you’re leaving me, aren’t you? To go frolick in the waves, sniff the sea air and chase the seagulls…”

Frantically, you scroll back up…searching…searching…ah HA! 

You’re out of the dog house! With over over 50 pet friendly vacation rental options here at Sand `N Sea, we’re sure to have a pet friendly beach house your whole family will love!

Now that you’ve eased your conscience (and added “dog treats” to your packing list), we have a few tips to help you and your dog have a great time at the beach:

Dog with Beach Towel - Pet Friendly Vacation Rental on Galveston Island• Be sure to have plenty of fresh water available for your pup to drink – at least 2x as much as usual. It’s hot at the beach and your dog will drink more than normal.
• Don’t let your dog drink salt water. It can cause him/her to get sick.
• Remember the leash laws. Galveston Island City ordinances require dogs to be on leashes at all times.
• Arrange for a shady, protected place for your dog to rest after a romp in the sun and surf. (Beach canopies, umbrellas, or just a towel draped over 2 chairs to make a little pup tent work perfectly for this!)
• If you leave your dog leashed in the shade, be sure to leave plenty of water nearby.
• Pets get sunburned too! Use sunscreen on exposed areas, like on noses and ears.
• If the sand is too hot for your feet, it is probably too hot for your dog’s foot pads.
• Don’t throw sticks or Frisbees far out into the water and expect your pup to retrieve them. The undertow can be strong and unpredictable, capable of carrying your dog out to sea before you know it. So play on the sand and near the water’s edge.
• Each day, rinse the salt water off your pup with fresh water. (The outdoor shower at your pet friendly vacation rental is perfect for this!)
• Watch for heat stroke and over exposure on sunny days, especially from noon to four o’clock-the hottest part of the day.
• Snakes! Do not leave your dog unattended in the yard. There have been snake sightings.
• Galveston has several restaurants that welcome pets. We’ll give you the list at check-in.
• In case you need help while on the island, Sand `N Sea has a list of recommended vets.

Be sure to ask about our special swag for your beach-going pet at check-in! We look forward to seeing you and your V.I.P. (very important pet) at a pet friendly vacation home on Galveston Island soon!