Homeschool Resources for Your Galveston Trip

We love hosting homeschool families on field trips to Galveston! We know traveling with kids of all pages can be stressful, especially if you're adding the responsibilities of lesson and itinerary planning to your adventure. Below you will find some fantastic free resources from the Galveston community to make planning easier. These are perfect homeschool resources for parents who want to incorporate history, ecology, and biology lessons into their Galveston beach trip. Click the links and photos in each section to open downloadable guides and printables. Here, you'll find coloring books, vocabulary lessons, educational guides & more!   

Galveston History Homeschool Resources

Homeschooling parents will love the opportunity for hands-on learning, family adventures and an opportunity to discover little-known secrets of this coastal gem.

Galveston Island is rich in historical sites and significance, from June 16th celebrations to an abundance of historical homes & buildings, including the 1892 Bishop's Palace and 1838 Menard House. Texas Historic Site Markers can be found on almost every corner, highlighting places like The Cradle - the building where the Daughters of the Republic of Texas was founded - or telling tales of Pirate Jean Lafitte, describing Galveston's temporary role as the capital of the Republic in 1836, or underscoring it's lengthy history as a bustling port and immigration station. 

tall ship elissa vocabulary worksheet  galveston immigration worksheet for homeschool students  worksheet for galveston orphans home  great storm of 1900 galveston homeschool field trip curriculum    architectural salvage warehouse galveston worksheet for students  brochure for henry rosenberg's contributions to galveston


Birding for Homeschoolers

No field trip to Galveston is complete without a little birding! Students of all ages will enjoy these self-led birding tours. Carefully curated by Birding for Fun's Kristine Rivers, homeschool parents can follow the three driving itineraries to maximize student's exposure to different species without facing the Texas heat or tiring small legs.

Print out the checklist for each of your learners ahead of time or bring up the Texas Birds Guide on a tablet for quick identification & fun facts about many of the species found year-round on Galveston Island.

pdf guide where to bird in far west end of galveston  birding itinerary pdf for galveston west end  birding itinerary pdf for galveston east end 

brochure related to birding in galveston texas  identification guide to galveston birds  learning and activity book for homeschool students on texas birds  


Educational Guides to Galveston Beach Locations and Ecology

Galveston beaches are an excellent choice for homeschooling parents and families! There's so much to learn about the sun, sand & surf that brings some of the best lifelong memories for learners of all ages. 

Galveston's Sand Dune Maintenance Manual outlines sand cycles, hydrology, plant anatomy & species found on the dunes, and what Galveston is doing to combat dune erosion. It's illegal to disturb the dunes, but there are plenty of walkovers and viewing locations for homeschooled learners. 

beach access map galveston tx  maintenance manual of galveston island sand dunes    brochure to galveston island state park  brochure of driving tour points of interest at galveston island state park


Galveston Identification Guides & Coloring Pages

These Galveston identification guides and coloring pages are a great resource for maximizing your educational field trip or vacation. Print them out or download them to your e-learning device for quick reference during your visit. Get to know the birds, insects & animals that call this coastal barrier island home.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Coloring Book includes "let's learn" highlights for each animal pictured, as well as several questions to check your homeschoolers reading comprehension.

texas wildlife coloring booktexas insects learning and activity guide    historic galveston island coloring booklearning and activity book for homeschool students on texas birds


Need a place to stay on your homeschool field trip?

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