East End Historical District

Galveston’s East End Historic District is renowned for its well-protected historic legacy, carefully preserved in architectural gems throughout its 50 city blocks.  Homes in the district date to the earliest days of Galveston real estate, from early as the 1850s. The 460-plus buildings in the district range from Greek Revival to late Victorian to Craftsman styles, and all points in-between. The East End Historic District is one of the oldest of Galveston neighborhoods, with grand and historic structures built for some of the Island’s most prosperous families during the 1800s, alongside quaint cottages that are no less charming. This celebration of Galveston’s golden age and its modern-day renaissance is located within walking distance of Galveston’s business district, The University of Texas Medical Branch and the Historic Strand District. Elementary schools are within walking distance as well. The East End Historic District is designated as a National Historical Landmark, placed on the National Register of Historic Places as of 1976.  Bounded by Broadway, 10th Street, Mechanic Street, and 19th Street, the district hosts a lively schedule of neighborhood events like garden tours, homes tours and a holiday decorating contest.  The active neighborhood association has its own website and monthly newsletter.

Prices vary dramatically depending on the size of the home and whether it is fully restored or a “fixer-upper,” but people shopping for houses for sale in Galveston will find East End Historic District real estate prices ranging from the $150,000s to $800,000s.


East End Historical District Association
Galveston Historical Foundation
National Register of Historic Places
City of Galveston Design Standards for Historic Properties

Read Living Inside History: Resources To Learn More About Your Historic Home courtesy of the East End Historical District Association Newsletter.

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