Indian Beach

Indian Beach is a neighborhood of midsize beach and bay houses on Galveston’s West End, developed by Galveston real estate developer George Mitchell in 1980. It straddles FM 3005, with properties on both the Gulf of Mexico side and the Galveston Bay side.

While the houses are comparable in size to typical beach houses in Galveston (1,245 to 4,016 square feet), the 364 lots at Indian Beach are generally half an acre, somewhat larger than most bay or beach houses for sale in Galveston. Construction of Indian Beach houses began in 1985 and continues to this day.

Indian Beach is not far from restaurants and groceries, located 3 miles west of Jamaica Beach and Galveston Island State Park, and about 14 miles west of 61st Street in Galveston.

The subdivision has a recreation center with a pool, tennis courts, restrooms and shower. There is a fishing pier extending into Galveston Bay.

Vacation rentals are permitted, with regulations limiting parking and use of the pool and fishing pier.

Purchase prices for homes in Indian Beach are higher than most beach or bay houses for sale in Galveston, ranging from the $300,000s to over $1.5 million.

map of Galveston Island - Neighborhoods - Indian Beach