Kahala Beach

Kahala Beach is a double row of 22 recently built mid-size beachfront properties along the Gulf side of FM 3005. It is 14 miles west of 61st Street in Galveston and 4 miles west of Galveston Island State Park and about 4 miles east of Dos Vacas Muertas Bird Sanctuary. Groceries and restaurants are within 2 miles.

Several neighborhoods of beach houses in Galveston include “Kahala” in their name. Of these, Kahala Beach is the farthest west, with Kahala Beach Estates immediately to the east.

Houses at Kahala Beach are somewhat smaller and less expensive than those in the neighboring Kahala Beach Estates. Most are of traditional design, but there are several strikingly contemporary homes here as well. Most of the homes directly on the beach have dune walkovers.

Buyers shopping for Galveston beach houses for sale will find properties at Kahala Beach typically priced between the $400,000s and $1.5 million.

Map of Galveston Island Neighborhoods - Kahala Beach