Galveston City Resources

City Hall

City of Jamaica Beach 409.737.1142
City of Galveston 409.797.3500

City Council Members

James D. Yarbrough Mayor JimYarbrough@GalvestonTX.Gov
Amy Carmen Bly District One AmyBly@GalvestonTX.Gov
Craig Brown District Two CraigBrown@GalvestonTX.Gov
Frank Thomas Maceo District Three FrankMaceo@GalvestonTX.Gov
Mike Doherty District Four MikeDoherty@GalvestonTX.Gov
Terrilyn Tarlton-Shannon District Five TerrilynTarlton@GalvestonTX.Gov
Carolyn Sunseri District Six CarolynSunseri@GalvestonTX.Gov

Appraisal District

Galveston County 866.277.4725

Cable & Satellite

Comcast 800.266.2278
Dish Network 888.840.6573
Direct TV 888.795.9488


AT&T 800.288.2020
Comcast 888.750.7890


Pirates Beach 800.322.0878
Jamaica Beach 409.737.1142
Galveston 409.797.3550
Galveston Public Works 409.797.3971 Emergency Line  


Texas Gas Service 800.700.2443
TX Gas Emergency 800.959.5325  

Centerpoint Energy



Galveston County 409.770.5549
City of Galveston 409.797.3660

Post Office

Main Post Office (601 25th Street) 409.763.6834
Bob Lyons Post Office (5826 Broadway) 409.740.0037  


Galveston Daily News 409.683.5200
Houston Chronicle 713.220.6912



Who do I contact if:

There is a pothole in front of my house? 409.797.3630  
I need a second trash can? 409.797.3630  
My garbage was not picked up? 409.741.4636  
There is a problem with my water, sewer, or water pressure? 409.797.3630  
A sign is missing? 409.797.3630  
I want to learn about recycling? 409.741.1446  
There is a problem with my water bill? 409.797.3550  
I want to contact my City Council representative? 409.797.3510  
I need a permit? (Building, Mechanical, Electrical) 409.797.3660  
I need to find zoning information? 409.797.3660  
I need animal control to pick up a pack of dogs?    
In Jamaica Beach, call 409.737.1800  
In Galveston, call 409.765.3702  
In Pirates Beach, call Galveston County Animal Control 409.938.2282  
I need to contact Municipal Court? 409.765.3740  
I want to report illegal dumping? 409.765.3702  
My garbage can breaks, is stolen, lost, or I need another one? 409.797.3630  
A traffic light is out? 409.797.3630  
A street light goes out?    
If there is a 6-digit ID #, call 409.797.3630  
If you don't have the ID #, call CenterPoint 409.765.4083  
My plumber didn't do the job right?
(Call between 8 - 9 a.m. or 1 - 2 p.m.)
409.797.3522 409.797.3526
I need to temporarily disconnect my water service (off the island)? 409.797.3550  
There is an abandoned vehicle nearby? 409.797.3870  
There is a gutter filled with building materials? 409.797.3660  
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