Posted on 7/2/2021

Beach 101: Build a Sandcastle

Every beach vacation should include time to build a sandcastle! These sandy sculptures are perfect for all ages and skill levels. Transform tiny particles and splashes of water into fantastical creations, or go for the classic "tallest tower" approach and have a friendly competition with your fellow beach-goers.

For fast-track castle-building you can pick up plastic forms and shovels at a local surf shop. Don't want to waste time at the store? Use things you've got around lying around your beachfront vacation rental - plastic bowls, colanders, measuring cups, etc. Challenge your family to think creatively, using only the tools on hand!

Looking to up your castle game? Hire a professional to help with your technique! Sandy Feet is a local sandcastle sculptor who offers lessons for beginners or intermediate to advanced builders. They provide all the tools and the instruction you need to build a sandcastle. Plus, they can even meet you at the beach closest to your vacation rental. (They also make custom castles for special events like family reunions or beach proposals!)

Sandcastle Tips & Tricks

Want to make a go of it on your own? Here are some basic tips for how to build a sandcastle that's sure to be the envy of the beach - or at least your friends who aren't on the beach with you!

SAND: Pick your spot and make a mountain of sand. It's quicker to use a shovel than your hands. You can make your own sand scoop out of an empty plastic bottle, or use a plastic picnic plate.

WATER: Grab that bucket! As the water drains through the tiny particles the sand clumps together, forming a cement-like mix. You'll want to fill your mountain with water. Dig out a crater (think volcano) and slowly pour in the water. Then mix it in. 

TOWERS: Now that you have a foundation of sand use your bucket to make towers. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just have fun. 

CARVE: Starting from the top, use a plastic knife or a spatula to smooth out your towers. Carve out stairs, crenellations, gargoyles - anything that says castle to you!

DETAILS: Be creative! Pick up shells, beach glass or driftwood to add to your design. Seaweed ivy, anyone?

DOCUMENT: Snap those selfies! Last but not least, take plenty of photos and videos for your scrapbook or to share with your friends on social media.  

Looking for inspiration? Schedule your Galveston vacation in August and attend the annual AIA Sandcastle Competition. Houston-area architectural firms compete to win the prestigious Golden Bucket Award during this family-friendly weekend-long event on East Beach.

Book Your Own Castle on the Sand - a Galveston Beach House!

Sand 'N Sea Properties offers an excellent selection of West End vacation homes in Galveston. Options include beachfront, beachside, canal, or bayfront homes. We also offer pet friendly vacation homes and homes with elevators.  Remember to plan ahead and book your beach house well in advance so you'll have your pick of rentals.

Sand 'N Sea is a locally owned and operated professional vacation rental management & real estate company. We've been helping visitors have great Galveston vacation rental experiences since 1974, and would love to welcome you to Galveston Island!

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