Storm Update

Saturday, August 29, 10:20 a.m.

The City of Galveston Public Works department will be working debris cleanup crews throughout the West End this weekend. There will be rolling barricades in work zones as they work to move sand & debris from roadways. Please be aware of these temporary street closures as well as City equipment moving in & out of the area.

Our teams continue to address impacts to Sand `N Sea vacation rentals from Hurricane Laura. It is imperative that we ensure the safety & accessibility of the home before we allow occupancy.

We sincerely wish that we could tell all of our guests right now that we will be able to welcome you as scheduled. Unfortunately, we just don't know right now.

As soon as we have specifics about your reservation and your beach house, we will reach out to you individually with an update. We will be ready to discuss your options at that time.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this ongoing process.  

Impacts to the West End:

We've received an abundance of inquries in the last few days, and we would like to provide some clarification on what you may have been hearing in the news regarding storm impacts to Galveston.

While the majority of Galveston Island - with its high elevation and protective Seawall - did escape most of the damage brought by the storm, that was not the case on the West End.

The West End is at (or below) sea level. As a result, Hurricane Laura's tidal flooding erased several dune systems and deposited large amounts of sand and Gulf debris on roads, under homes, in yards and across typical beach access points.

In addition to making some roads inaccessible, the deposited sand hides hazardous debris like glass, nails, wood, etc. There is also still standing water on many roadways. Here are a few photos taken by our team on Thursday afternoon (8/27):



Travel Insurance Claims or Questions:

Contact RedSky directly online, by email ( or by phone at 866.889.7409, option 2. 


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