Fishing on Your Galveston Vacation

Whether you are renting a house on the beach or the bay, spending time fishing on your Galveston vacation is easier than you think.

In addition to the seafood markets on Pier 20 & Pier 21, Galveston’s West End offers a abundance of private homes located on canals or Galveston Bay that are perfect for a fishing trip. Worried about keeping the whole family happy? Book a beachfront house and try your hand at surf fishing!

Read on for insider tips for making this the best trip ever by fishing on your Galveston vacation.

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Galveston Surfing & Paddle Boarding

Surfs up! With 32 miles of beaches plus salt marshes, the bay, and abundant canals, Galveston’s convenient location less than an hour south of Houston, TX makes it ideal for getting your feet wet. Locals & visitors alike enjoy year-round Galveston surfing and paddle boarding.

Read on for some of our insider tips for paddle boarding or surfing on Galveston Island!

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Beach 101: Build a Sandcastle

Every beach vacation should include time to build a sandcastle! These sandy sculptures are perfect for all ages and skill levels. Transform tiny particles and splashes of water into fantastical creations, or go for the classic “tallest tower” approach and have a friendly competition with your fellow beach-goers.

For fast-track castle-building you can pick up plastic forms and shovels at a local surf shop. Don’t want to waste time at the store? Use things you’ve got around lying around your beachfront vacation rental – plastic bowls, colanders, measuring cups, etc. Challenge your family to think creatively, using only the tools on hand!

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Nature Lover’s Guide to Galveston’s West End

The West End is the perfect place for Galveston nature lovers to enjoy a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of work schedules, as well as the towering skyscrapers and overpasses of cities like Houston and Dallas.

Think Galveston is all about attractions like Moody Gardens, the Historic Pleasure Pier, and the cruise terminal? Think again! Head west on Seawall Boulevard and you’ll experience another side of this unique Gulf Coast barrier island. Cruise past long stretches of pastures, sprawling residential neighborhoods, local hardware stores and casual restaurants. Roll down your windows and enjoy the peace that comes from hearing the never-ending rhythm of the waves rolling ashore.

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Galveston Island Animals to Discover on Your Next Visit

Galveston isn’t just a popular beach destination for people – it’s home to a wide variety of flora & fauna as well!

With 32 miles of beaches and year-round temperate weather, Galveston Island has a lot to offer for permanent residents and seasonal visitors alike – weather they’re slimy, scaled or feathered! Raucous seagulls and silent saltwater fishes aren’t the only type of Galveston Island animals you’ll come across while spending time here on the upper Texas coast.

Read on for some fun facts about a few of our favorite Galveston Island animals! All the creatures listed below can be spotted year-round, but some are much easier to find during specific seasons.

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